Mastering Minis

What could you do with an extra $10k from just one day of mini sessions?

The Blueprint For Selling Out Your Mini Sessions


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It's time to launch your minis and have high hopes of this being your year!

You do all the planning and feel like you have interest from past clients... but then they go live and its crickets. You are practically begging people to fill in the time slots and your profit margin just isn't there. 
What happened?

This is why I created the Mastering Minis Blueprint! This blueprint is filled with the resources I use to create unique and desirable mini sessions that lead me to $10k in revenue PER DAY when offering minis!

Does this sound like you?

You've offered mini sessions before because clients tell you they want them- but you still just can't fill all the time spots. You end up feeling frustrated and defeated.

You feel there's too many other photographers in your area offering mini sessions, which is preventing yours from being able to stand out.

You want your minis to be profitable, without having to deal with the headache of upselling galleries.

You want your mini sessions to be exciting and desirable, and to be able to easily fill up your time spots with returning clients each year.

If you're thinking "wow, she took the thoughts right out of my head," it's because i've been there before.

Mini Sessions Changed My Life

I'll admit, I used to HATE mini sessions. I would spend money on props, create a setup, post to social media, followed by... nothing. I'd book maybe 5-7 sessions. I didn't understand how other photographers liked doing them so much, or how they could be profitable. I wanted to give up. 

and then, covid hit.

I'm primarily a wedding photographer, so when COVID hit in 2020, all of my weddings were postponed. I went without 5 months of income. I knew I needed to pivot my business model, and not solely rely on weddings. I spent countless hours working to create a fun holiday setup, fine-tuned my marketing/advertising strategies, and then..

i booked 114 sessions, earning an additional $31,350 in revenue.

It wasn't my plan to do mini sessions in a marathon style, but I just couldn't say no to clients who wanted to book. And sure enough, I LOVED every second of it. The next year, I did it again, with 143 clients. Four years later, I have over 100+ clients that book minis each year, and a waitlist of over 50+ potential clients that want to book. I look forward to my mini session weekends every year!

the easiest part? I don't even upsell galleries.

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get to know your (soon-to-be) coach

I'm Leslie!

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Florida & Texas. This year marks 8 years that i've been in the industry! 

One thing about me- I love all things business. Business plans, finances, taxes, you name it. Random fun fact, I helped my high school senior class operate a merchandise store, and I had to write an 80 (yes, 80!) page paper to get it certified nationally. Needless to say, I enjoy the business side of self-employment as much as I do the creative side! 

Owning your own business, one that consistently earns six-figures, IS possible and rewarding. I can't wait to help you get there! 

REAL Numbers. 
REAL Results.
It IS Possible.

This income was JUST from mini sessions, and did not include any income from weddings or other portrait sessions.










are you ready for your bank account to look like this?

REAL Numbers. 
REAL Results.
It IS Possible.

This income was JUST from mini sessions, and did not include any income from weddings or other portrait sessions.










are you ready for your bank account to look like this?

"Leslie consistently impresses me with her mini sessions year after year. I've never seen anyone host mini sessions to the caliber she does-with no aspect left untouched!" 

Photographer/Studio owner


this roadmap has everything you need to launch successful mini sessions-

From Start  to Finish!

Are you ready to do this together?


what you'll learn

module 1

Designing your Minis

Now that you've got your ideas planned out, it's time to start getting potential clients excited! In this module, we'll discuss ways to build excitement around your mini sessions, as well as how to grow your following of potential clients before you open bookings. 

module 2

Creating Excitement & Growing Your Audience

module 4

Creating Your Sales Page

An important step that often gets overlooked, we'll go over the six most important things to include on your sales page  that will sell minis for you! No more having to spend hours answering DM's, this webpage will make money for you while you sleep!

module 5

Setting Up Social Media Ads

You'll learn (step-by-step) how to create low-cost Ads and boost posts on Facebook + Instagram that target your ideal client. These ads will land right in front of the eyes that you want it to, boosting engagement and getting you a high conversion rate of bookings!

module 6

Communication & Preparation

Now that your spots are filling up, we will continue to nurture your clients to provide an exceptional experience! From detailed emails and outfit inspiration to payments and text reminders, i'll share exactly what I send my clients to keep them informed and excited for their mini session.

To start, we'll discuss how to create unique mini session setups that will allow you to stand out from your competition. We'll also dive into pricing, to ensure your mini sessions are profitable, yet still desirable for your ideal clients. We'll also chat about identifying your target market and how to strategically plan your minis, setting you up for success. 

A self-paced online course- where I share ALL of my secrets on how I market and sell out over 100+ mini sessions every year!

module 3

The Booking Process

Enhance your client experience by starting out with a strong booking process! There are many different techniques to choose from, and we'll go over them in detail to make sure you're choosing the best one for your clients. I'll also give you all of my exact emails that I use!

module 7

Day Of & Post Session Workflow

It's here- session day! In this module, i'll give you all the tips on how to have a successful, stress free day. But it doesn't stop there! We'll also dive into your post-session workflow, from culling to gallery delivery and asking clients for reviews, ensuring that you'll have repeat clients again next year!


Plus, you'll also get these

learn at your own pace modules with lifetime access

all of my email templates (from inquiry to gallery delivery!)

access to my private facebook education group!

oh, and did i mention you'll also get


so you can return to the course + materials anytime you want for a refresher!

Let's Do This!

"Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself."
 -Grant Cardone

You're an established photographer who's looking to offer more to your clients

This course

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This course

may not be

for you if...

you're a newer photographer who is still fine-tuning your editing style and business model

you're not ready to dedicate time and effort into growing your business

you're ready to add thousands of dollars to your income

you're content with the revenue you're currently earning

you want to learn how to sell out your mini sessions, year after year

"In the past, I struggled to fill just one date of minis. After completing Leslie's course, I sold out five dates of mini sessions and raised my prices by $100 per session, too!"


Katie H.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I have access to the course materials?

Answer: You'll have lifetime access to your course! Need to come back each year for a refresher? No problem! The course will be accessible for you!

Q: How long is the course?

Answer: From start to finish, the total duration of the course is 4.5 hours. However, I do suggest watching one module at a time and then pausing the videos to work on the material that module covered. It will be easier to work on things one step at a time! 

Q: What is your refund policy?

Answer: Because of the digital nature of this program, i'm not able to offer refunds of any kind. 

Q: Is this course designed for only family photographers?

Answer: Not at all! I myself primarily specialize in weddings. The material taught in this course can be applied to any type of mini session and is suitable for photographers who specialize in any type of photography!

Q: Can this course benefit me if i've  offered mini sessions before?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! Whether you've tried offering mini sessions before or not, the course can benefit you. Think of it as a new perspective, a new roadmap to try with marketing techniques!

Q: By enrolling in this course, do I have direct access to you for questions?

Answer: No, the course does not provide 1:1 access to me for answering questions. However, 1:1 Coaching calls are available year round, so if you feel you need direct assistance with launching your mini sessions, you can explore that option!

Q: I JUST started learning photography, is this course right for me?

Answer: It depends! While the topics covered in the course are suitable for all photographers at various stages in their business, I would suggest you have a consistent editing style and strong knowledge of shooting + editing first. This course does NOT cover any photography skills. 

Still not sure if this course is for you?

I completely get it- you want to make sure something will benefit you before investing in it. 
I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the course!

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